The Fire!! festival returns

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This year’s Fire!! film festival is devoted to minors, one of the most vulnerable LGBTI collectives.

For several years the festival organisers have wanted to devote an edition to children who not only suffer as they feel different to others, but who also often have to face incomprehension by their family and school environment at an age when these should be their main source of support.

The selection of films aims to show different points of view: full acceptation, normality and family support, as well as films which address latent homophobia and transphobia in society.

The programme includes films from different countries and places an emphasis on areas such as sport, where homophobia is highly generalised.


Se celebra a:
Institut Français de Barcelone.
Es venen les entrades a:
Casal Lambda. venda anticipada
Se celebra a:
Cinemes Girona.

L'edició d'aquest any compta amb una programació dedicada a un dels col·lectius més vulnerables dins de l'àmbit LGTBI: els menors.

Inst. Francès, Cinemes Girona, Casa del Cine, Pl. Salvador Seguí

C Moià, 8
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Sant Gervasi - Galvany
Post Code:
Inst. Francès, Cinemes Girona, Casa del Cine, Pl. Salvador Seguí
From 31/05/2018 to 30/06/2018.

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