Horta-Guinardó Walk

Sports. The second walk in this year’s Barnatresc cycle is being organised on 1 and 2 May.

Diferents carrers Horta - Guinardó
From 01/05/2021 to 16/05/2021

'Art on paper'

Exposició. The three winner drawings and 15 runners-up for the 10th International Barcelona Olímpica Foundation Award are on display at a free-admission exhibition being held at the museum’s entrance.

Enjoy the evening at sea

The Municipal Sailing Centre is offering the chance to enjoy a city evening seen from a sailing boat.

Centre Municipal de Vela
Permanent event

Visites a l'Estadi Olímpic

Esport. Es pot visitar gratuïtament tots els dies, inclosos festius, de 10 del matí a 8 del vespre, del 1 d'abril fins el 30 de setembre.

Let's take up sport in the Park

Sport. Teams of people will be playing volleyball and basketball, among other sports, at Trinitat Park, on Sundays.

Discover Barcelona on skates!

There are skating get-togethers and routes in various parts of Barcelona throughout the year.

Punt de trobada: davant del Centre de la Vila (Vila Olímpica)
Permanent event

If you get bored in Barcelona...it's because you want to be!

Find out all the activities the city has in store for you

Barcelona offers plenty for discovery over the entire year