Learn about the Monestir de Pedralbes, as a family

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The Monestir de Pedralbes is one of the monuments of the city with great historic and cultural value. The monastery had been used by the Order of St. Clare since it was founded until it opened to the public in 1983.

You can now learn about its history, not only by visiting it, but also through family game with an album and a guidebook to know what the monastery was like in the year 1400.


Al Monestir de Pedralbes teniu a la vostra disposició un joc en què sor Isabel March, que va arribar a ser abadessa l´any 1409, us ensenyarà com era el monestir quan ella era la Isabelona, una nena de
9 anys que va entrar-hi de novícia. El joc comprèn un àlbum de preguntes i respostes i una guia d´instruccions per conèixer més a fons el magnífic monestir de fundació reial.

Museu Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes

Bda Monestir, 9
Les Corts
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Museu Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes
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932563427 dl-dv: de 9 a 14 h

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