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Film. Sessions for introducing young children to the magic of cinema.

The Filmoteca de Catalunya is beginning a new programme, "FilmoXica", with a particular focus on family audiences. This is a weekend programme organised into three-monthly cycles aimed at introducing young children to the cinema over the course of the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn). Each week there will be two sessions particularly aimed at children and their families.

Sessions for all ages, workshops, presentations and concerts. The programme includes a series of films from different cultures and countries related to moments and traditions on the calendar which aims to help children get into film and understand its more artistic side.

The sessions will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 5 pm, and admission is free for holders of the FilmoXica card.

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Occur on:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Tickets sold at:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Organised by:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Una de les missions de la Filmoteca de Catalunya és acostar el cinema als més petits, fer-los descobrir el plaer de veure cinema de qualitat a la pantalla gran i adonar-se’n de la riquesa de tots els seus detalls. Per aconseguir-ho, cada setmana us oferim dues sessions específicament adreçades als infants i les seves famílies.

Consulteu programació en aquest enllaç.

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1*9
Ciutat Vella
el Raval
Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2023

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