Programme: ‘Manoel de Oliveira, film-maker’

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Film. An extensive retrospective dedicated to the Portuguese film-maker.

Manoel de Oliveira is the film director with the longest career in the history of cinema: a total of eighty-four years, from his debut as a director to his last film ( Um século de energia, 2015). His filmography includes over sixty films. He was the only film-maker to transition through the various changes that occurred in the world of cinema: from silent to sound, from black and white to colour, from nitrates to digital media.

Venerated as “the master”, Manoel de Oliveira, in addition to being internationally recognised at the world's most important film festivals, became the “oldest working film director”, due to his longevity, as he continued making films until he died, at the age of one hundred and six years old.

This series presents an extensive retrospective dedicated to the director, with copies on loan from the Cinemateca Portuguesa. The series is accompanied by an exhibition dedicated to the photographic side of the Portuguese film-maker, which you can visit free of charge at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

See the programme for the series on the Filmoteca website.



Occur on:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Tickets sold at:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.
Organised by:
Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Una extensa retrospectiva dedicada a Manoel de Oliveira amb còpies procedents de la Cinemateca Portuguesa acompanyarà l'exposició dedicada al vessant fotogràfic del cineasta portuguès.

Consulteu programació en aquest enllaç

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1*9
Ciutat Vella
el Raval
Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 08/11/2022 to 29/12/2022

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