Conversation with Quentin Tarantino

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Film. Tickets for the conversation with the filmmaker go on sale on 3 February at 9:00 am.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino celebrates the publication of his long-awaited non-fiction debut, Cinema Speculation [Reflexions sobre cinema] (Columna), with an exceptional live event on 9 April at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona.

In this live conversation, Tarantino will delve into a fascinating debate about some of the key North American films of the 1970s, with an unusual take on cinema which could only be offered up by one of the greatest practitioners of this art of all time.

Tarantino will also be reading an excerpt from his new book live on stage.

Cinema Speculations [Reflexions sobre cinema] combines film theory and critique, a journalistic prose and a marvellous personal story.

Tickets for the event go on sale on Friday 3 February at 9:00 am on



Occur on:
Teatre Coliseum.

Quentin Tarantino anuncia un esdeveniment en directe el 9 d'abril al Teatre Coliseum de Barcelona per presentar el nou llibre, Meditaciones de Cine.

Tarantino s'endinsarà en un fascinant debat centrat en pel·lícules nord-americanes clau de la dècada dels 70, amb una perspectiva poc comuna sobre el cinema que només pot oferir un dels practicants més grans d'aquest art de tots els temps.

Teatre Coliseum

G.V. Corts Catalanes, 595
la Dreta de l'Eixample
Teatre Coliseum

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