Open water swimming

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Swimming. Want to improve your open water swimming technique?

Besides the usual benefits of doing sport, swimming offers the chance of impact-free exercise and notable aerobic development through the use of large groups of muscles.

In addition, swimming in open waters not only keeps you fit and strengthens your muscles and memory, but also offers a sensation of freedom.

If you’d like to improve your open water swimming technique, the IEM Espai de Mar offers group sessions under the supervision of a trainer who will help you improve your breaststroke technique and breathing etc.

Available for swimmers of all levels.

Send an email to to sign up or ask for more information.


Vols millorar la teva tècnica de natació en aigües obertes? Des de l’IEM Espai de Mar t’oferim sessions grupals sota la supervisió d’un entrenador que t’ajudarà a millorar la tècnica de braçada, respiracions...

Disponible per a tots el nivells.

Instal·lació Esportiva Municipal Espai de Mar

Pg Marítim Barceloneta, 5
Ciutat Vella
la Barceloneta
Instal·lació Esportiva Municipal Espai de Mar
From 01/04/2022 to 31/12/2022

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