Agència matrimonial: 7 d'amor’, a play starring Maria Eugenia Casanova.

Traductor de Google:
Theatre. Seven women tirelessly looking for the loves of their lives.

Seven very different women enter a speed-dating venue with a common goal: to leave there with a partner.

Seven incredible, spectacular women : a woman who sells chicken, an ex-junkie, a nun who has just left the convent, a women involved in politics, a cleaning lady, a prostitute on sick leave and a purveyor of esoteric books. In desperation, all of them turn to a marriage bureau. 

Will they find what they are looking for? You will have the final say .



Occur on:
Sala Cafè Teatre.
Tickets sold at:
Teatreneu Multisales.

Un grup de dones busca parella en un "speed dating".En total són set, set dones increïbles i espectaculars: una venedora de pollastres, una exyonki, una monja acabada de sortir del convent, una dona de la vida política, una senyora de la neteja, una prostituta de baixa laboral i una venedora de llibres esotèrics..

Totes elles amb un únic objectiu: sortir acompanyades avui de la sala. 

C Terol, 26
la Vila de Gràcia
From 19/09/2020 to 31/10/2021


Web venda d'entrades:

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