‘Volem (si volem)’

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Volem (si volem) is a string of poems, melodies, music, songs, words and emotions standing up for workers’ rights and freedom of expression, the dignity of all races, respect for women and the fight against sexism. It’s also about combatting disparagement and prejudice towards those who are different, the fight for homosexual and bisexual love, peoples’ right to self-determination, for a decent life, love and freedom.

The show is a song for individual and collective struggles, epic and silent. A song for freedom.

Conceived and scripted by Lali Barenys and Carles Beltran. Performed by Carles Beltran (piano and guitar), Lali Barenys (text) and Namina (vocals).



Se celebra a:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona.
Es venen les entrades a:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona.

Música i paraula enllaçades de tal forma que es converteixen en un espectacle intens i profund, transgressor i directe, alegre i contundent, un cant a la llibertat.

Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona

C Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 120
La Sagrada Família
Post Code:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona
From 19/07/2019 to 26/07/2019.

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