‘Felícia Fuster. Plurivisions’

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Exhibitions. Paintings and poems by Felícia Fuster to mark her centenary.

The Arts Santa Mònica centre marks the centenary of the birth of Felícia Fuster with an exhibition of her poems and paintings, specifically from the series Abstracció lírica, Plurivisions i Haikús visuals.

The display also features contemporary interpretations of the work of Felícia Fuster.


Video-poem installation on the work of Felícia Fuster

Ester Xargay: Sorra de temps absent

Poet and visual artist Ester Xargay offers a poetic video-action installation based on the artwork of Felícia Fuster. The selection of images offers us a return trip which fully engages us with the poem EL VERB EL VENT, by Felícia Fuster. A 3D animation of the words and letters of the poem fuses with images, as if the images became the body and skin of the words and letters.


Performance cycle on the paintings of Felícia Fuster

Run by:

Núria Piròmana d’Argos, action artist and writer;

Mar Serinyà, visual and action artist;

Mireia Zantop, action artist and poet;

Marta Darder, artist and visual poet, with the collaboration of  Xavi Lloses, musician, action and sound artist and visual poet.


Lecture / Narration for adults

L’enigma de l’ombra de Tanizaki en l’obra plàstica de Felícia Fuster

By Esther Rodríguez Bisoca

The artwork of Felícia Fuster, particularly from her later years, was influenced by the study of Japanese language, literature and traditional art, as well as a 49-day visit to the country which would end up transforming her artistic and poetic language.

This session seeks to trace the steps in this process of transformation from its origins, based on the translation of   Poesia japonesa contemporània (1988), carried out by Felícia Fuster with Sawada Naoyuki, through to the work by Tanizaki Jun’ichirô  Elogi de l’ombra (1933), to finally see if this key literary work had an influence on her artistic stage.


Exposició de pintures i poemes de Felícia Fuster amb motiu de la commemoració del seu centenari.

Exposició de pintures de Felícia Fuster de les sèries Abstracció lírica, Plurivisions i Haikús visuals.

Interpretacions contemporànies de l’obra de Felícia Fuster: Instal·lació d’Ester Xrgay titulada “Sorra de temps absent” i quatre performances que interpreten cadascuna una obra pictòrica de Fuster. En són autores: Mireia Zantop, Núria Iglesias, Mar Serinyà i Marta Darder. Instal·lació sonora de Xavi Lloses que interpreta els haikús de Felícia Fuster.

Arts Santa Mònica. Centre de la Creativitat

C la Rambla, 7
Ciutat Vella
el Raval
Arts Santa Mònica. Centre de la Creativitat
From 21/03/2021 to 30/05/2021

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