“A New Level. The video game industry in Catalonia”

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Es celebra a la Sala 3

Exhibitions. Discover the work of Catalan studios in an interactive space.

The Palau Robert is hosting the first major exhibition on the video game industry in Catalonia. Entitled “A New Level. The video game industry in Catalonia”, the display looks at all the satellites orbiting the video game universe, such as entertainment, artistic creation, economy and finance, university studies and training cycles, industry, technology and many others.

To achieve this, the exhibition invites its visitors to delve into this world by means of immersive installations, interactive content and games. These include a video created specifically for the occasion which immerses the visitors in the actual video games.

The display is aimed at all types of people, from enthusiasts to others who have never been in contact with interactive media. Admission is free.


Descobreix l'obra dels estudis catalans en un espai interactiu.

A Catalunya s'ha consolidat una de les indústries del videojoc més importants d'Europa. "Nova Pantalla" mostra el procés creatiu d'una gran varietat de professionals i l'activitat d'una comunitat vibrant. Explora un recorregut que trenca tòpics i convida el visitant a submergir-se en l'obra dels creadors catalans.

Palau Robert - Centre d'Informació de Catalunya

Pg Gràcia, 107
la Dreta de l'Eixample
Palau Robert - Centre d'Informació de Catalunya
From 07/04/2022 to 04/09/2022

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