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Photography. The exhibition is a family album and diary of a friendship at the same time.

Picasso-Clergue presents in the form of a chronicle a selection of the Lucien Clergue photographic collection related to Picasso, acquired in 2016 by the Museu Picasso: nearly 600 black-and-white photographs in silver salt, all period prints, the story in images that Clergue made of Picasso throughout the many encounters that took place in the south of France, where they both lived.

Lucien Clergue (Arles, 1934 - Nimes, 2014) started out in the world of photography at a very early age. On April 5, 1953, he bumped into Picasso at a bull run in Arles and made the most of his opportunity to photograph him and show him other pictures. They would meet again two years later at La Californie, the artist’s house in Cannes. That was the start of a friendship that would last until Picasso’s death in 1973. The affection and harmony between the two of them led to the photographic recording of small episodes in Picasso’s life, scenes that took place over time and that would end up narrating a part of the artist's life from the point of view of his photographer friend.



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Museu Picasso.

Lucien Clergue (Arles, 1934 - Nimes, 2014) es va iniciar de ben jove en el món de la fotografia. El 5 d’abril de 1953 va coincidir amb Picasso en una cursa de braus a Arles i va aprofitar l’ocasió per fotografiar-lo i mostrar-li altres instantànies. Dos anys més tard, es retrobarien a La Californie, la casa de l’artista a Canes. Començava així una relació d’amistat que es perllongaria fins a la mort de Picasso, el 1973. L’afecte i la sintonia entre tots dos va propiciar el registre fotogràfic de petits episodis de la vida de Picasso, d’escenes que se succeïen en el temps i que acabarien narrant una part de l’existència de l’artista des de l’òptica de l’amic fotògraf.

Museu Picasso

Carrer de Montcada, 15 - 23
Ciutat Vella
Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera
Museu Picasso
From 22/06/2022 to 20/10/2022

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