‘Marc Chagall. El color dels somnis’ [Marc Chagall. The Colour of Dreams]

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Painting. An excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the painter's universe, and discover twenty-five works that are now being exhibited in Spain for the very first time.

The exhibition Marc Chagall, El color dels somnis presents a careful selection of one hundred and eighty-one works that provide a comprehensive journey through the artistic career of Chagall, an artist with a distinctive and unclassifiable style.

The exhibition is a journey through 50 years of the painter's work, and is organised in sections devoted to the key themes that engaged and concerned him: the Russian and Jewish rites and traditions that were part of his childhood. It also focuses on his deep spirituality, which led to the creation of works of great intensity, particularly those based on the Bible and the Exodus. There'll be space for literature, which was a fundamental part of his life, as well as his relationship with writers and publishers, and his work as an illustrator of texts. Not forgetting his fascination with the circus and his love of Paris, the city that welcomed him with open arms.

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Occur on:
Palau Martorell.

Palau Martorell acull novament una exposició d'un gran mestre, aquesta tardor podreu gaudir de Marc Chagall, El color dels somnis.

Marc Chagall. El color dels somnis dedica apartats a tots els grans temes que preocupen l'artista: els ritus i les tradicions russes i jueves que viu en la seva infància. També a la seva profunda espiritualitat, de la qual neixen creacions de gran intensitat, i en destaquen les obres al voltant de la Bíblia i l'Èxode. Hi haurà espai per a la literatura, fonamental a la seva vida, així com la seva relació amb escriptors i editors, o els seus treballs com a il·lustrador de textos. Sense oblidar la fascinació pel circ i el seu amor a París, la ciutat que el va acollir. I és clar, l'amor, que per a Chagall era el sentiment que dóna sentit a la vida ia l'art.

Palau Martorell

Carrer Ample, 11
Ciutat Vella
el Barri Gòtic
Palau Martorell
From 31/10/2023 to 24/03/2024


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