Cruïlla Primavera

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Music. The festival will fill Barcelona with music, with nine concerts in the city's main venues and two free shows.

The spring edition of the Cruïlla Festival is back in Barcelona, with a programme of new concerts during the months of March and April, featuring Delafé y las flores azules, Guillem Roma, Natos y Waor and Lia Kali, among others.

There will also be two free shows at the Westfield Glòries Shopping Centre: Doctor Prats and La La La Love You.

You can check out the full programme on the Cruïlla website.


Occur on:
Discoteca Wolf Barcelona.
Occur on:
Centre Comercial Westfield Glòries.
Occur on:
Sala Apolo.
Occur on:
Occur on:
Palau Sant Jordi.
Occur on:
La 2.

Concerts confirmats:

  • 10 de març: Oddliquor (sala Wolf)
  • 11 de març: Rufus T. Firefly (La [2] de Apolo)
  • 17 de març: Natos i Waor (Palau Sant Jordi)
  • 24 de març: Delafé y las Flores Azules (Razzmatazz 1)
  • 25 de març: The Tyets (Sala Apolo)
  • 29 de març: Tiken Jah Fakoly (Sala Apolo)
  • 5 d'abril: Lia Kaly (La [2] de Apolo)
  • 15 d'abril: Guillem Roma (La [2] de Apolo)
  • 15 d'abril: 31 FAM (Razzmatazz 1)
  • 21 d'abril: Doctor Prats (Westfield Glòries)
  • 22 d'abril: La La Love You (Westfield Glòries)

Sala Apolo - La 2

C Nou de la Rambla, 111
el Poble-sec
Sala Apolo - La 2
From 10/03/2023 to 22/04/2023


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