Fitness Festival 2023

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Master class. A recreational and inclusive open-air sports activity, open to all.

The Fitness Festival is a sports event open to everybody and held annually as part of the   festivities for La Mercè , offering an open-air  master class in fitness.

This year’s edition is being held at the Moll de la Fusta wharf on Sunday, 24 September, at 10 am

The Fitness Festival consists of a 45-minute low-intensity class, with an additional 30 minutes of animation and warm-up activities beforehand.

It’s free to take part, with prior registration.



Occur on:
Moll de la Fusta.
Organised by:
Institut Barcelona Esports.

On 24 September, the Fitness Festival is back - this year will be the tenth edition. This sports event is open to everybody, inviting people to take part in an open-air fitness masterclass.

As part of the festivities for La Mercè, many private and public sports centres in the city will be teaming up again for this annual event, with instructors teaching open-air fitness choreographies to the rhythm of music. In collaboration with the Barcelona Sport Includes Programme, inclusive choreographies are designed that guarantee that people with reduced mobility can take part in the exercises at the event.

The Fitness Festival is free and open to all, although prior registration is required.

It’s organised by the Barcelona Institute of Sports (Barcelona City Council) in collaboration with numerous clubs in the city.

Moll de la Fusta

Moll de Bosch i Alsina, 1
Ciutat Vella
el Barri Gòtic
Moll de la Fusta

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