Kubrick at the Filmoteca

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The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) is inaugurating an exhibition on 24 October looking back at the life of Stanley Kubrick. At the same time, the Filmoteca is devoting a series of film screenings to him through until 28 December. Entitled ‘Stanley Kubrick, un gegant’ these sessions will be screening works such as The Shining, on 25 and 28 October; Paths of glory, on 3 and 9 November; A Clockwork Orange, on 7 and 9 December; 2001: A space odyssey, on 13 and 14 December, and Spartacus, on 20 and 27 December.

The director’s daughter, Katharina Kubrick, will be at the Filmoteca on 24 October to present the film Barry Lyndon. On 26 October Jan Harlan’s documentary Stanley Kubrick: A life in pictures will be screened. The retrospective series of screenings concludes with Kubrick’s last full-length film, Eyes wide shut, with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.



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Filmoteca de Catalunya.
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Filmoteca de Catalunya.
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Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Revisarem alguns dels títols més coneguts de la seva trajectòria, com Barry Lyndon, presentat per la seva filla. El documental Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, dirigit pel seu cunyat, retrata finalment la vida i l´obra d´un gegant incommensurable.

Consulteu programació en aquest enllaç.

Filmoteca de Catalunya

Pl Salvador Seguí, 1*9
Ciutat Vella
El Raval
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Filmoteca de Catalunya
From 07/10/2018 to 28/12/2018.



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