‘De mares i filles’

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A mother (Mont Plans) and a daughter (Annabel Totusaus) meet again in a hospital room after five years without speaking. During a forced conversation, the daughter will discover unlikely aspects of her mother and her family.

De mares i filles seeks to tug at the heartstrings of spectators with a blend of tears and laughter. Mont Plans and Annabel Totusaus captivate us from the first moment in the spider’s webs of their past, an emotional roller coaster which seems it will never end.

A play created and directed by Paco Mir, performed by Mont Plans and Annabel Totusaus.



Es venen les entrades a:
Teatre Poliorama.
Se celebra a:
Teatre Poliorama.

Autor i director: Paco Mir
Repartiment: Mont Plans i Annabel Totusaus

Una mare (Mont Plans) i una filla (Annabel Totusaus) es retroben a l´habitació d´un hospital després d´haver passat cinc anys sense parlar-se. Una conversa forçada en què la filla descobrirà aspectes inversemblants de la seva mare i de la seva família.

De mares i filles pretén arribar al fons del cor de l´espectador amb una barreja de riures i llàgrimes. Mont Plans i Annabel Totusaus ens captiven des del primer moment dins les teranyines del seu passat; un dragonkhan emocional que sembla que no s´hagi d´acabar mai.

Teatre Poliorama

La Rambla, 115
Ciutat Vella
El Raval
Post Code:
Teatre Poliorama
From 18/09/2020 to 25/10/2020.

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