‘Els tres porquets’ at the Teatre Gaudí (The Three Little Pigs)

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Three little pigs live with their mother in the city. One day she has to go to China because the company when works for has closed down and is forcing her to go and work there alone. That’s when the headaches begin for the little girl pig and two little boy pigs, who have to fend for themselves and build a house in the woods. They just can’t agree between them and so they each build their own house: one made out of straw, one from wood and another from bricks.

The fierce wolf will try to eat the three little pigs, putting the strength of their constructions to the test.

The tale of The Three Little Pigs is one of the best-known and popular children’s stories. This production by the Magatzem d’Ars company is a modern version, to the rhythm of jazz. A group with a bass player, sax player and a pianist provide the music all through the show, accompanying the three pigs Assenya, Juganera and Gandul on their adventures.



Se celebra a:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona.
Es venen les entrades a:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona.

Autor: Joseph Jacob.
Direcció: Albert Pueyo.

Mireia Casado / Cristina Ramírez.
Ivette Novell / Paula Joseph.
Aina Ros / Rubén Pino.
David Bonilla / Javi Vélez.

Hi havia una vegada tres porquets que vivien amb la seva mare. Un bon dia, l'empresa on treballa la mare tanca la filial i l'obliga a marxar tota sola a la Xina per conservar la feina. És llavors quan els tres porquets s'hauran d'espavilar i construir-se una casa des de zero. Les desavinences entre germans faran que cadascú se'n faci la seva segons el seu criteri i les seves ganes de treballar: una casa de palla, una de fusta i una altra de maons. Totes tres construccions seran posades a prova pel temible llop ferotge, que no podrà evitar les seves ànsies per clavar una bona queixalada als tres porquets.

Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona

C Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 120
La Sagrada Família
Post Code:
Teatre Gaudí de Barcelona
From 15/12/2018 to 24/02/2019.

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