‘Ets especial’

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Landry el Rumbero is a rumba pirate who borrows elements from here and there to take to the stage with hot rhythms and lyrics which everyone, young and old, can understand, sing along to and most of all, dance to.

Ets especial is Landry’s third disc and the first to include his own compositions. Among them there’s a song called Ets especial, dedicated to his cousin, an Olympic basketball champion with a disability, and Perret, dedicated to his pet dog.

Landry el Rumbero will also be paying homage to Xesco Boix and the group Ara Va de Bo in Pares de l’animació, a potpourri of well-known songs such as Cucut, Si tu vas al cel, Deu pometes and La bicicleta.

Free show. Prior booking required.


De la Rumba Catalana a la cançó popular, us presentem un treball de temes originals, que pretén aportar missatge propi, amb unes cançons que, més que infantils, es defineixen com a aptes per a tots els públics.

A càrrec de Landry, el Rumbero.

Centre Cívic El Coll - La Bruguera

C Aldea, 15
El Coll
Post Code:
Centre Cívic El Coll - La Bruguera

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