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Exhibitions. A new gallery opens in Poblenou dedicated to the sculptor and artist Josep M. Subirachs.

Josep Maria Subirachs is best known for his part in the construction and decoration of the Sagrada Família, directing work and responsible for many of the sculptures on the facades.

However, this is just a part of his artistic work, which can now be seen at a new venue which has opened up in the Poblenou neighbourhood, where he was born in 1927. The gallery, the Espai Subirachs, houses a permanent and accessible collection for art scholars and the general public. Guided tours can also be arranged in advance.



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Espai Subirachs - Poblenou.

L’Espai Subirachs és un equipament cultural privat, situat al barri de Poblenou, que posa a l’abast del públic una part del llegat de l’escultor Josep M. Subirachs (Barcelona, 1927-2014), artista català de reconegut prestigi internacional.

Les visites guiades aniran a càrrec de la Dra. Judit Subirachs-Burgaya, historiadora de l’art, directora de l’Espai Subirachs i filla de l’artista.

Els visitants tindran un obsequi, a escollir, d’una reproducció d’un dibuix original de Josep M. Subirachs.

Espai Subirachs - Poblenou

Carrer de Batista, 6
Sant Martí
el Poblenou
Espai Subirachs - Poblenou
Permanent event

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