Summer Vicens

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Gaudí. A refreshing summer visit with an ice-cream at the Casa Vicens.

The Casa Vicens is offering tours this summer for people to discover the first house by Gaudí. The visit includes a mango flavoured craft ice-cream.

The Casa Vicens was the first important project by the architect, an architectural gem declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Built between 1883 and 1885 after it was commissioned by Manuel Vicens, the Casa Vicens is regarded as one of the first masterpieces of Modernisme, a precursor to Gaudí’s later work and a living example of the move towards aesthetic renewal at the end of the19th century all around Europe.



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Casa Vicens.

Aprofita aquesta estiu per descobrir la primera casa de Gaudí amb aquesta experiència, que inclou un deliciós gelat artesanal per prendre a la nostra cafeteria.

Casa Vicens

C Carolines, 18*24
la Vila de Gràcia
Casa Vicens
From 21/06/2022 to 21/09/2022


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