'Armageddon', by Ricky Gervais

Comedy. Considered to be the most influential British comedian since Charlie Chaplain, he is performing at Barcelona on 31 August. Tickets now on sale


Theatre. A parable on the impossibility of living in peace, from a child’s perspective.

Teatre Lliure - Sala Fabià Puigserver
From 31/03/2023 to 01/04/2023

‘La Isla del Aire’ [The Island of Air]

Theatre. A work by Alejandro Palomas and directed by Mario Gas, with Núria Espert and Vicky Peña.

Teatre Romea
From 25/03/2023 to 14/05/2023

Berto Romero: ‘Lo nunca visto’

Monologue. The comedian is back with a completely new show full of laughs and surprises.

Teatre Coliseum
From 23/03/2023 to 14/05/2023

‘Shalom Judith’

Drama. Can love survive horror?

Fundació Joan Brossa - Centre de les Arts Lliures
From 15/03/2023 to 02/04/2023

‘Más Tropiezos de Mastropiero’, from Les Luthiers

Comedy. The comical musical group will perform three shows in Barcelona as they bid a final farewell to the stage.

Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona - Auditori
From 04/07/2023 to 06/07/2023

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