Free Cinema on the Beach

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Open-air films. The eleventh edition of the independent film series has arrived.

Cinema Lliure a la Platja is celebrating eleven years of outdoor history! Thursday 7 July will see the beginning of the independent film programme of that will be returning to the famous setting on the Sant Sebastià beach this year, the two previous editions having been held at CEM La Mar Bella with a limited capacity audience.

The project will be offering a free film session each Thursday up until 11 August (inclusive): ‘La vida era eso’ (7 July), ‘Sis dies corrents’ (14 July), ‘Damas de Hierro’ (21 July), ‘Les vides de Marona’ (28 July), ‘Sin señas particulares’ (4 August) and one that’s to be chosen by the public - voting is via Instagram - to bring the programme to a close.

What’s more, each feature film will be preceded by a short film previously screened at the FILMETS festival, and at the closing session, the winning entry in the Nou Talent competition, which is aimed at film and audiovisual students in Catalonia, will be shown.



Occur on:
Platja de Sant Sebastià.

Cinema Lliure a la Platja torna a la sorra a Barcelona, després de dues edicions al CEM La Mar Bella, on hi havia aforament limitat i reserva prèvia. Així, la mostra de cinema independent a la platja torna a la Platja de Sant Sebastià, a la Barceloneta, on sempre s’ha celebrat des que va néixer el projecte, ara fa 11 anys.


  • 7 de juliol: "La vida era eso"
  • 14 de juliol: "Sis dies corrents"
  • 21 de juliol: "Damas de Hierro"
  • 28 de juliol: "Les vides de Marona"
  • 4 d'agost:: "Sin señas particulares"
  • 11 d'agost: Pel·lícula que el Públic Tria 

Platja de Sant Sebastià

Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 2
Ciutat Vella
la Barceloneta
Platja de Sant Sebastià
From 07/07/2022 to 11/08/2022

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