Mahou Rock&Grill

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Music. A cycle of concerts featuring the best tribute rock bands, playing every Thursday this summer.

Nine outdoor concerts and in a single environment, with 19 rock bands performing on Thursday nights over the summer.

You’ll be treated to powerful live performances from most iconic rock groups’ tribute bands: from AC/DC to Ramones, not to mention Motörhead, Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Guns N'Roses, Barricada, Iron Maiden, David Bowie and Quein, among many others.

Mahou Rock&Grill is certainly the Barcelona rock festival par excellence and is coming back to Poble Espanyol to offer you live performances of your favourite music.

The Village space, a complete experience

And there’ll be no shortage of good beer and delicious char-grilled ribs and hamburgers to accompany the good music with!

The Marquis and Picnic spaces are to become the Village for the first time, an extensive outdoor space especially thought up to make your experience in Poble Espanyol all the more pleasant and long lasting.

You’ll be able to have a glass of wine before and after each concert, enjoy local food offerings and have a good time with ambient music in a venue you’ll love.

You can check out the programme here.



Occur on:
Poble Espanyol de Barcelona.
Tickets sold at:
Poble Espanyol de Barcelona.

Nou concerts a l'aire lliure i en un entorn únic, on 19 bandes posaran el ritme més rocker a les nits dels dijous d'aquest estiu.

Gaudiràs dels potents directes que oferiran els tributs dels grups de rock més emblemàtics: d'AC/DC a Ramones, passant per Motörhead, Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Guns N'Roses, Barricada, Iron Maiden, David Bowie o Quein, entre molts d'altres.

Mahou Rock&Grill és sens dubte el festival de rock per excel·lència de Barcelona i torna al Poble Espanyol per oferir-te la música que més t'agrada, en directe. T'ho perdràs?


30 de juny:

20h: Californicators

21:45h: Hate Against The Machine

7 de juliol:

20h: Crusaders

21:45 h: Slavers

14 de juliol:

20h: Baronesas y los Vándalos

21:45h: Barrena

21 de juliol:

20h: Attitude for Destruction BCN

21:45h: Seek m all

28 de juliol:

20h: Casino Montreux

21:45h: Whole Lotta Band

4 d'agost:

20h: Comando

21:45h: Motörhits

11 d'agost:

20h: The Rippers

21:45h: The Wires

18 d'agost:

20h: Absolute Beginers

21:45h: Scaramouche

25 d'agost:

20h: Mötley Qüeens

21:45h: Kiss of Death

Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13
el Poble-sec
From 30/06/2022 to 25/08/2022

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